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Here at Noxterra we breed, raise, train and show South African Boerboels, including the Black Boerboel. We sell and ship the highest possible quality pups and adult dogs all over the world.

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All of our foundation breeding males and females were imported directly from South Africa, from the best breeding and show bloodlines there are. We travelled the length and breadth of South Africa, numerous times, to gather the finest examples of the breed it was possible to find. We then shipped them to the UK, bringing a whole new level of quality to what was already here.


All of our breeding dogs are fully registered, appraised, hip and elbow scored and DNA tested.

We ourselves are registered with SABBS, NABBA, BI and SA Studbook.


There is an extremely vigorous selection process that is carried out, by ourselves, regarding temperament and conformation, before any animal is selected to be bred from.


Our Boerboels are very well socialised and although their natural guard instincts are very much still there, once introduced to new people and new things, in the correct manner, they are accepting, with minimal fuss.

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