Red/Fawn Pups                            £2500+  

Black Pups:                                   £3000+

Dilute Black (Blue):                      £3000+




Breeding Stock:                                 £3000+

Young mature dogs:                          £2500+

Mature dogs (retired from breeding)   POA 


Please contact us for more information and detailed pricing.






All prices are non-inclusive of;


1) Extra vacinations (if needed for shipping purposes),

2) Additional blood tests (if needed for shipping purposes)

3) Additional kenneling after 8 weeks (if requested or needed for shipping purposes)

4) Shipping/transport costs. (Shipping can be organised by us to most desinations worldwide, at additional cost to the buyer).


Please contact us for individual shipping prices, as quotes we receive from the airlines are tailored individually to each final destination, and can vary from quote to quote.

(Please note no fee is added to shipping costs, what we pay is what you are charged).


Please contact us for more information and detailed pricing.






Puppy Shipping Costs (estimated)


Here are some estimated prices for puppy shipping costs, to various parts of the world that we regularly receive enquiries from, and obtain shipping quotes for.


North America     £1400 

South America      £1400

Europe          £800-1000 

Middle East           £1200 

Far East                  £1400

Australia                £1600


Please keep in mind that these prices are ESTIMATES ONLY, based on our experience. They DO NOT include the cost of preparing puppy for export, to your country, this cost will be additional and details can be found below. We will need to obtain a quote from our shipping agents in each and every case for an exact price for shipping before any agreements are made.


Of course we can arrange shipping to lots of other countries also, the countries listed above, are just the ones that we deal with most often. 




Preparing puppy (or Adult) for export costs


Preparing puppy (or adult) for export costs, do vary quite a bit depending on which country they are heading to. Some countries have more requirements than others. In most cases we need to carry out, 


- 2nd Vaccinations

- Rabies Vaccinations

- Vet Health checks

Pre flight health checks


Typically the above will cost around £150-£250


Dogs travelling to Europe we need to carry out additional requiremtns, the cost for this is around £120-150


Please note that pups cannot be shipped until a minimum age of 12 weeks, in most cases it will be 15 weeks of age. There will be a charge for additional kenneling of £25 per week past 9 weeks of age until shipping date.


Please contact us for further information. 

For any more information, please contact us via our Contact Us form, or e-mail us at:




Currently there are no puppies available, all pups have been reserved.






We have carried out quite a few exciting matings recently, we wil be scanning the females for confirmation of pups asap.




To be considered please use the Puppy Applications  page, the Contact Us page or Email us on




Mes Grace  

(Spitsvuur Ramkat (94.7%) x Rhenosterspruit Layla (91.2%)


SABBS registered Dilute Black female

7 Years Old

Retired Breeding Female

Very loving with people 

Reasonably dominant with other females, good with males 

Would suit a relaxed family pet home to enjoy her twilight years, preferably a single dog home.



Noxterra Tommy Gunn

  (Spitsvuur Tokara Drifter (91.1%) x Font terrabite)


  SABBS Registered

Fawn Male

2 Years Old


Very loving male

Good with females

Has spinal condition.


Noxterra Lady Luck (Saffie)


(Noxterra Kaiser Sose (87.5%) x Noxterra Leifie (90.9%)

NABBA Registered 

Dilute Black Female

2 Years old

POSSIBLE BREEDING FEMALE (To the correct home)

Loving Female

Please contact us for more detailed information on our available mature dogs.

Planned Matings


We do have some VERY special matings planned for the rest of this year,  please check out our planned matings page for more details.



If you would like to be added to our waiting list for any of the planned matings or expected litters, please check out our Puppy Applications page contact us via our  Contact Us form or e-mail us at:

Please check this page regularly, as it is constantly updated. 









Noxterra has a policy of continually replacing their breeding stock with their improved offspring as soon as possible. 


Therefore, from time to time we sell our breeding animals,(priced around £3000 + shipping) at a young age (some exceptional examples may be priced higher). 

We also sell some of our young mature dogs, these are priced individually + shipping.

If you are interested please contact us to see what, if any, are available.


 All of our puppies/adult dogs come from world class bloodlines, in some cases, they are bred directly from THE top individual boerboels in the world. They come with a lifetime of support and advice, from ourselves.  

We do prefer our animals to go to families that intend to keep them as pets, rather than breeders, however, we do allow some of our pups/mature dogs to go to breeders, but, breeding contracts would need to be adhered to.


Please contact us for further information. 

For any more information, please contact us via our Contact Us form, or e-mail us at:


All puppies purchased from Noxterra Boerboels, will be subject to a puppy contract.


This contract will consist of typical clauses when purchasing large breeds from a reputable breeder.


These clauses may include, conditions such as:

  • Puppies purchased from Noxterra will not be bred until at least 18 months of age, preferably 24 months. 
  • Any dogs to be rehomed, once purchased from Noxterra Boerboels (for whatever reason), will be offered back to Noxterra Boerboels first and reply awaited for, before any sale or agreement is arranged with any third party.


Puppies from special litters, or POL puppies, may be subject to further clauses.


Please contact us for details.



Noxterra Boerboels does everything in its power to ensure that our dogs are bred as correctly as possible, thereby avoiding dissapointment.
In the unlikely event of the replacement of a dog, we will not hesitate to do it, in the fairest possible way.


Noxterra Boerboels guarantee our dogs against the following defects:


• Hip dysplasia worse than 2-2 at 15 months

• Vaginal Prolapse

• Entropion

• An official SABBS/NABBA score of less than 75% at 18 months.


These defects must be certified by a veterinarian or an official SABBS inspection form. The dog will be replaced by a puppy of the same quality, or better, free of charge, (shipping and any related costs will be the responsibility of the buyer) on proof that the dog has been neutered, spayed or put down. Any disputes will be presented to the sellers veterinarian who will make a judgment.


All puppies will come with an 18 month internal health guarantee, should serious hereditary/genetic defects or disease (heart, kidneys, liver etc) be revealed within this period.


Breeding dogs will be health tested, DNA profiled and appraised before breeding where possible. A dog/bitch will not be used for breeding if they do not meet our very strict acceptable breeding standards.

If you have any queries or wish to make an appointment, please contact us on:


Phone :

E-mail : info@noxterraboerboels


Alternatively, please fill
out our contact form at
the bottom on the
Contact Us page.

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