Noxterra Luna 

Noxterra Luna (85.3%)
Noxterra Luna (85.3%)


Born 25.01.2016. Shoulder height  62cm. En- & Ectropion free.


(BVA 6-6)                        

SIRE: Spitsvuur Ramkat (94.7%)
DAM: Mes Madison (87.7%)


Noxterra Luna Is something very special indeed, very seldom do you come across a female that has everything, this girl is going to make waves in the breed. Everybody that meets Luna loves her, she manages to touch your heart the very moment she presents herself to you.


Luna is cureently the highest appraisal scoring black female in Europe.

Luna is the product of our first litter as Boerboel breeders.

This litter only produced two pups but wow, what a two they were. At the time the litter was the highest scoring litter the UK had ever seen, an accolade we didnt realise at the time (we have since raised the bar even higher) and the results speak for themseves.

Luna is a daughter of the legend that is Spitsvuur Ramkat (94.7%), he is the highest appraisal scoring black boerboel the world has ever seen, and to this day is the most impressive dog we have ever come across, so much so that when we met him on our first ever visit to South Africa, we immediatley purchased a top quality female (Mes madison (87.7%) to be mated to him, Luna and is the product of that mating.

Madison, is herself an elite level female, stud book level, of the highest quality, The pairing of Madison and Ramkat was a very well suited match, her height, width and perfect temperament with Ramkats muscling, volume, world famous rump and head have all been combined so well in Luna that we consider ourselves to be very lucky.

Luna is a medium height female, quite compact, with all the muscling you would expect from a Ramkat daughter, she also has the width of chest from her mother Madison and a head that is very rare to find on a female. Her temperament is perfect, a real sweetheart that is friendly and sweet. Luna absolutly loves children. 

Luna is a litte shorter than we would personally like our very best breeding females to be, so she will be bred to the very highest quality, taller frame type males that the breed has to offer.

Luna is a very playful girl with endless energy and a fun fun fun attitude to life, you cannot fail to be drawn to her.

Luna is progressing towards being the star of the kennel, she will be a very important part of our future breeding programme, bringing very good size, muscling and head into our line, along woth perfect health scores and temperament.

Luna has always carried the burden of having such high expectations, being from the pairong that she is most people in the boerboel world know of her before they actalyy meet her and she does not fail to impress. Luna has shon very brightly since being a puppy and loves the limelight, we expect a lot from her and have big plans for her and her progeny in the near future.

Luna is half sister to many of the highest quality dogs South Africa has to offer including National and Provincial Champions.

Lunas pedigree is almost as special as she is, she goes back to very well known and highly respected dogs of the past such as Caberet Pavarotti (93.3%), Spitsvuur Mandaat (85.1%), , Mighty Bugatti (92.7%), Klein Sandfontein Benji (91.4%), Nostras Tyson (93.1%), to name but a few.


Please check out our Planned Matings page to see who we plan to mate Noxterra Luna to

Noxterra Luna showing off her very impressive chest

Caberet Presilla 

Caberet Presilla (85%L)
Caberet Presilla (85%L)

(85% Linear System)

Born 22.10.2015. Shoulder height  66cm. En- & Ectropion free.

HIPS A1-D1 (injury)  ELBOWS 2-2 


SIRE: Mes Caberet TOM (90.2%)
DAM: Caberet Brigette (85%)


Now where do we even start with Presilla.....

Presilla was purchased on our 2nd visit to SA, during out first breeders tour in October 2015

We visited Caberet Boerboels whilst travelling across the vast country ad boy oh boy are we glad that we did.That day we saw Presilla and her litter brother Caberet Dagga (87%L) at around 10 weeks, of age, we decided thre and then that we could not leave there without thrashing out an agreement with Lood and Annette for both of them. Fast forward 2 and a half years and she is looking fantastic!!  

Presilla is a daughter of the first really impressive boerboel male that we saw at our first SA show back in October 2015, Mes Caberet Tom (90.2%).

Tom is from one of the highest appraisal scoring and most successful litters ever produced (Caberet Son of a Gun (95%) and Trebla Lulu (95.3%)).

This outstanding litter produced, Mes Caberet Tom (90.2% Provincial Show Winner ), Mes bite the Bullet (93.8% Provincial Show Winner and National Show Runner up) and Mes Askam (91.6% National and Provincial Show Winner ).

Tom went onto win the Heilbron Free State show that day, and it seems fitting that Presilla herself has gone onto winning that very same show two years in a row, 2017, 2018. 

Presilla is a taller female, with the best of the Caberet frame, yet also great strength, muscling and volume. Her rear end is one of the best we have seen. She is an out and out show female, that impresses everyone she meets. Her temperament is perfect, sweet and kind, yet confident and assertive, its very dificult to find fault with Presilla, maybe its that shes too impressive and wow for her own good......

Presilla is a litte taller than we would like our optimal breeding females to be so she will be bred selectively, preferably to shorter to medium height males, with a great head.

Presilla has always had a lot of expectation on her shoulders, we always hoped that she would develop to become what he thought she could, little did we know just how great she could be.... Precilla is so close to our ideal female that its scary, we just hope that we can find her males that she deserves to be mated with.

Presilla is niece to the 2017 SA National Show "Dog of the year" Mes Askam (91.6%) and the 2016 Reserve Grand Champion Male (only coming 2nd to the legend that was Middlepos Alpha (97.9%)) Mes Bite the Bullet (93.8%).

Presillas pedigree is almost as special as she is, she is the result of line breeding back to Caberet Son of a Gun (95%), her mother and father are both progeny of this legend of the breed. 


Please check out our Planned Matings page to see who we plan to mate Caberet Presilla to

Caberet Presilla (85%L) winning the Heilbron Regional Show for the 2nd year running

Noxterra Lulu

Noxterra Lulu

Mantium Kalin

Kalin taking Reserve Grand Champion Female at the Heilbron Show 2018

(82.7% Linear System)

Born 21.05.2016. Shoulder height  66cm. En- & Ectropion free.



SIRE: Groenburg Rambo (92%) 
DAM: Font Karien (91.6%)



Kalin at 15 months
Mantium Kalin
Mantium Kalin

Noxterra Leifie

Noxterra Leifie
Noxterra Leifie Pedigree


Born 08.08.2017. Shoulder height  64cm. En- & Ectropion free.



SIRE: Spitsvuur Man (91.5%) 
DAM: Noxterra Luna (85.3%)

Leifie is currently the highest appraisal scoring Dilute Black (Blue) female in Europe at 90.9%.

Her parents Noxterra Luna (85,3%) and Spitsvuur Man (91.5%) are currently the highest SABBS appraisal scoring black female, and male, Boerboels in Europe.

Leifies Grandfathers Spitsvuur Ramkat (94.7%) and Spitsvuur Magic (98,2%) were the highest SABBS appraisal scoring black boerbeol ever, and the highest scoring boerboel ever. Her lineage really is first class!


Leifie is a medium size female, with a good structure and angulation. She has a great temperament also. She could have been a little stronger in the head and had a bit more volume, will be bred to males that have those attributes.


Leifie produced a fantastic litter in late 2018 and she will be bred again in 2019.

Noxterra Leifie

Noxterra Mykind 

Noxterra Mykind
Noxterra Mykind Pedigree
Noxterra Mykind

Spitsvuur Noxterra Sable

Spitsvuur Noxterra Sable
Spitsvuur Noxterra Sable

Noxterra Twilight

Noxterra Twilight
Noxterra Twilight

Noxterra Layla

Noxterra Layla
Noxterra Layla

Noxterra Tidal Wave

Noxterra Tidal Wave
Noxterra Tidal Wave

Noxterra Pasha

Noxterra Pasha
Noxterra Pasha

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