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We are a family run kennels, located in the United Kingdom, 20 miles North East of London, owned and run by the Slate family, Frederick, Billy and Lenny.


Having grown up around big dogs, from a very young age, gaining a great affection for all large breeds, and having first hand expierience of the need for guarding breeds, we decided we wanted to become involved in breeding. We wanted to breed not only dogs well equipped for guarding, but, also that were well suited to being family pets.

We wanted the best of both worlds, as most of us do.


in 2004 we began the Noxterra breeding affix, breeding English Bullmastiffs, having great success. We was the first to cross two very prestigious bullmastiff bloodlines namely, Flintstock (of the UK) and Vom Frankental (from Germany). This mating produced some outstanding dogs, that were both great deterrents and pets, yet also very successful show dogs.


In 2014, we lost three of our beloved family members (pictured below) to cancer, and decided then it was time to move on from the breed, knowing that any future Bullmastiffs we owned, would be compared to the ones we lost. Understanding this to be unfair, we extensively researched various breeds, travelled (a lot), meeting various breeds and breeders, before eventually falling for The Boerboel.


Boson, Russia and Archie our beloved Bullmastiffs that we lost in 2014

In late 2014, we made the transition into the Boerboel breed, purchasing our first female MES Madison (87.7%).


Some may think this was a relatively small step, (as they are physically very similar to the Bullmastiff) however, the personality between the two breeds is quite different (as you will discover when looking at our Boerboel information pages on our site). 


At Noxterra we breed and sell both pups and adult dogs , in the UK and internationally, all over the world. 


We are registered as breeders, with SABBS, BI, NABBA and the SA Studbook, (as any reputable breeder should be) only breeding to improve our stock (and hopefully the breed as a whole), rather than for profit.

Mes Madison (87.7%)

We had a fantastic start when we purchased our first foundation female, (pictured above), MES Madison (87.7%) in 2014, directly from South Africa.

She was purchased from one of the worlds top breeders, Spitsvuur Boerboels. This gave us a head start on nearly all other breeders, that were working with lower quality UK bred dogs.


Our first Boerboel litter arrived in January 2016, which was, and still is, the product of the highest ever scoring mating there has been in the UK.


The results of this mating was everything we hoped for.

We were lucky enough to have been able to use Spitsvuur Ramkat (94.7% SABT) as our stud dog for this litter. 

He is commonly known as THE best black Boerboel in the world, and is the highest ever scoring black Boerboel. We feel very privileged to have been able to secure his progeny.

Many thank to Lukas, Estna, Carel and Betsie at Spitsvuur Boerboels.

Spitsvuur Ramkat (94.7%)

Since then we havent looked back, we have managed to secure some of the very best examples of the breed for our kennels, both male and female. On top of this, because of our connections with the very best kennels in South Africa, we have managed to be able to use at stud, some of the very best males in the world.

Our various times in South Africa (briefly)


In October 2015 (our first visit) we flew into Johannesburg and traveled into the Free State to visit Spitsvuur Boerboels.


We originally went for two reasons


1) To meet Mes Madison, that we had bought, but as we had a young son, i was concerned that bringing over a large adult female, that we didnt know and hadnt met, was risky to say the least.


2) To meet the legend Spitsvuur Ramkat.


I have got to say we wasnt disapointed in either case.


Madison was an absolute dream, (almost too good to be true) we all instantly fell in love with her and felt a bond that we hadnt ever had before (up to that point). We showed her at the Heilbron Regional Show (the first ever UK breeder to do so) where she managed to pick up Reserve Senior Champion 2015.

Maddie winning Reserve Senior Champion

Ramkat, well what can i say?, he was then and still is now, THE most impressive dog i have ever seen, and i have seen a great many dogs!


He was the reason i fell in love with the Boerboel and the trip halfway across the planet to meet him was worth every penny, i decided right there and then that i must have some progeny from him. 

Spitsvuur Ramkat (94.7%)

A very unexpected bonus was getting to meet and spend time with, the most fantastic team at Spitsvuur. Since then they become regular advice givers, mentors and above all dear friends.


We cannot say thankyou enough, for all the time and effort they put into helping us set up our kennels, the education they have given us regarding the Boerboel and breeding in general.


They even found time to take us to a Lion park where we got to meet some furry friends.....



In February 2016, Billy did a 3 week, 6000 mile, driving, (yes driving, towing a caravan,and we drove 6000 miles in 3 weeks!) breeders tour, with our dear friend and mentor Mr Lukas Van Vuuren.

One of the many beautiful views along our tour of breeders

During a ram packed, very educational, very tiring, but hugely worthwhile trip, we travelled the length of the country, visiting 28 different Boerboel breeders, seeing over a 1000 dogs (an uncountable number of pups), meeting some of the friendliest people we have ever come across. We built some great relationships and friendships along the way, also adding some outstanding examples of the breed to the Noxterra kennel.


We even found time to do a safari, seeing some of the most wonderful animals on the planet, also seeing and understanding the original terrain and environment that the Boerboel was bred for.

A beautiful hippo that was around 10 feet from our car

This experience was lifechanging for us, the knowledge that we gained from it was priceless, although the learning curve was very steep, fortunately for us, we had a very patient teacher.

We will strive to use this knowledge wisely, and stick to the path that we have been led along, a path that will hopefully safeguard the breed for future generations, by such a knowledgeable and respected ambassador of the breed as Lukas. 

In September 2016 we again travelled to South Africa, spending another 2 weeks studying the breed, pedigrees breeders and their dogs.


We started off in Capetown this time, touring around breeders in that region, then we flew up to Johannesburg, to visit more breeders and securing a very nice male indeed!


We also got spend some quality time with dear friends, and at the same time make the most of the opportunity to learn from the best.


We found time to check in on some of our dogs we already owned out there, and then travelled to Parys to take part in the Wuma South African National Show 2016.

At the show we showed 2 of our own dogs, Erdu Bella (90.2%) and Caberet Pricilla (85% linear), We are the only UK breeder to have ever taken part in the South African National Show with our own dogs and somehow we managed to find some more time to check in on some more of our dogs we own in SA before returning to the UK. 


It was a very nice experience to be able to attend this show, to meet the great Middlepos Alpha (97.9%) in the flesh, to watch Font Karien (91.6%) take the "Dog of the Year" trophy, beating Alpha in the Championship and also to see Caberet Son of Gun (95%) take the Family Class by storm!

Erdu Bella being shown at the 2016 Wuma South African National Show
Caberet Pricailla being shown at the 2016 Wuma South African National Show
Billy and the late, great Middlepos Alpha (97.9%) Grand Champion Male at the 2016 Wuma National Show
Billy and Font Karien (91.6%) 2016 Dog of the year at the 2016 Wuma South African National Show


In 2017 we was again lucky enough to travel to South Africa twice.


Once to attend the National Show for the 2nd time and once for Billy to attend his first appraisers course. 


In October we travelled into Johannesburg again.

Initially we travelled around Pretoria and Gauteng, visiting breeders, Makarios, Bostu, Tokara, Trebla (and others), catching up with some young dogs that we saw last year in Parys.

We then travelled down to Heilbron in the Free State to see the guys at Spitsvuur Boerboels and Boddingtons Boerboels, to have a catch up with both kennels and owners and of course visit our own dogs and puppies that we have based at Spitsvuur.


We also managed to attend both the SABBS AGM and National Show, this year being held in Bloemfontein. Billy was enrolled to help with arrangments on the day by Betsie at Spitsvuur, (as this year she was arranging on the day) and to also show 2 of our own dogs, Caberet Presilla and Caberet Dagga. Dagga unfortunatley refused to enter the show ring on the day, after being spooked by an unnamed man with a PA system!!......Presilla was a star (as always) but unfortunately due to a few errors with the judges cards she was misplaced.


It was a great memory to be able to attend another South African National Show, to be involved on the day with organising things, to see Mes Askam take the coveted "Dog of the Year" title, to watch Groenburg Rambo take the older male class (with ease), to meet a couple of very nice Rambo daughters that won their classes and championships amd of course getting to meet CDH Sniper in the flesh!!




Mes Askam taking the prized "Dog of the Year" Title for 2017
Elevation Zia (93.5%) winning Grand Champion Female
Zukandi Lizzie (86.7%) winning Junior Champion and Reserve Grand Champion Female
CDH Sniper (87.9%) Reserve Senior Champion
Billy and Groenburg Rambo (92%)
Billy with Mes Askan (91.6%) and his Owner Karin Pieterse

In November Billy travelled back to the Free State to attend the 2017 Heilbron Appraisers course. In true Noxterra Fashion we tried to cram as much into the trip as possible and it became a mini breeders tour also, we managed to get to visit quite a few breeders for such a short trip.

Billy managed to pass the course and make some great new breeder friends at the sametime.


The Helibron Class of 2017


In 2018 we wasnt able to attend the first South African International Show as Billy was appraising at the UK SABBS Appralsal on the day, but we were lucky enough to be able to travel to South Africa later in the year.


In November Billy travelled to the Free State once again to attend the Fochville Show and appraisal. The day was a huge sucess with around 150 dogs in attendance. He was asked to be a judge on the day. It was also on this day that he met Artifacts Yster (87.3%), Spitsvuur Noxterra Sahib (85.2%), Bostu Bugatti (85.2%) and he also was lucky enough to appraise Targus Ram (87%). Breeding agreements soon followed for Yster to sire a fabulous litter for us with Caberet Presilla (85%), for Ram to be used at stud at a later date and for Sahib to come to the UK in the future.


Of course in true Noxterra style we tried to squeeze everything in that we could, so our short appraising trip turned into a breeders tour.

We managed to visit the guys at Spitsvuur Boerboels, Mes Boerboels, Trebla Boerboels, Tokara boerboels, Boddingtons Boerboels,Afrika Boerboels, Bouwer Boerboels and Makarios Boerboels in a very tiring 2 days!!

Artifacts Yster (87.3%) on the day that we first met him
Spitsvuur Noxterra Sahib (85.2%)
Mes Arnold 2018 Dog of the Year who we met for the 2nd time at Mes Boerboels
Mes Felix Boeta (85.2%) who we saw at Mes Boerboels


In August 2019 we took part in our longest trip so far to South Africa.


We stayed for 3.5 weeks in total, travelling from the very top of the country in the Kruger National Park at the border with Botswana, to the very bottom in Capetown.


We drove many, many miles, caught up with dear friends in multiple places, visited breeders old and new alike, all throughout our trip, got to see our own dogs again and met some of our newest South African born babies. We even managed to squeeze in a safari at a private game park in the Kruger National park!!.


This trip was very special as it was Lenny's first time in SA and we must say he thoroughly enjoyed it. This was also the first time we got to visit Targus Boerboels in Gauteng and Alexander Boerboels in the Free State the trip where we first met Trebla Basjan and caught up wiht Spitavuur Noxterra Sahib and Spitsvuur Swartkop Mufasa again.

A fantasitc weekend at a private game reserve with these guys
A little too close for comfort to this wild lion and his pride, but what a memory
Priceless father and son time at the top of Table Mountain in Capetown
After many attempts we finally got to visit Targus Boerboels in Gauteng
Spitsvuur Noxterra Sahib was a highlight of this trip
Spitsvuur Swartkop Mufasa is another highlight of this trip
Trebla Ulla 2 is a female that we liked very much on this trip

We will be travelling again to South Africa at various points in the future to catch up with old and new friends alike, to meet new breeders and check out the very best litters available. of course we will be needing to check up on some of our own dogs in South Africa, to select pups to bring to the UK from some of our own South African born litters and hopefully to take part in the South African National Show again, watch this space for updates to our travels .......

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